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Solmar wants to buy my week

General DiscussionHi, I just received a call from someone claiming to represent Solmar. They offered to let me out of my contract so I wouldn't owe anymore maintenance fees. Then said they would pay me $600.00 clear. What a generous offer. I declined. They also said there would be a lot of construction noise near my unit. Anyone else been getting this offer?
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March 22 2014 (week 12)

General DiscussionLooking week 12 at the Solmar Beach Club or Grand Solmar (Mar 22 to Mar 29 2014) Please e-mail to (
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unit E-6500 week 7 2014

General DiscussionGrand Solmar studio available for week 7, Feb 15-Feb 22. 2014, Saturday to Saturday. Sleeps 4. $2100. contact
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Looking to rent Week 4 2014

General DiscussionWe are looking to rent a 1 bedroom or junior suite for Week 4 (we already own weeks 5-6, but want to extend our stay). Would also consider Grand Solmar if available.
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General DiscussionDoes anyone have any recent photos of the construction??
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Week 48 for rent

General DiscussionI'm going to miss hearing the waves this year....we can't make the trip and need to rent out week 48 (November 30 to December 7). It's Solmar Beach Club unit #2203 in Building A.

This is the closest to the beach that you can get overlooking the pool and the massage hut. One king, 2 baths, kitchenette, two decks, sleeper sofa in living room. Rent will cover maintenance fees already paid of $626.45. Connect with me at
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Latest construction pix? Thinking about coming in December

General DiscussionHi,

My wife and I are coming to Cabo in December. Usually we stay up on the corridor but have been keeping an eye on GS. Obviously the concern is current status of noise and construction.

Anybody have very recent photos of the construction status? I've looked at the webcams from Villa Bellissima and it's hard to make out. looks like the new building is mostly up but hard to see if there is still a crane (and presumably all that goes with it).

and I've seen the photos on here from Feb of this year - thanks!

I know phase 3 is not scheduled for completion until mid-2014.

Anybody have advice on how intrusive the noise and construction is at present?

We can always hit GS next December, but I really want to be closer to town with the sensation of being away from it. GS seems like a good match.

Thank you very much.
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Selling week 1

General DiscussionSelling week one, SolMar unit I 272, for closing costs and transfer fees (I estimate that to be around or under two thousand dollars). There are 8 years left. Contact me at;
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Contract Dispute

General DiscussionHi All:

My husband and I have been owners at SolMar, and now Grand SolMar for 16 years. After various trades we now have a fixed Studio during Week 27 and a floating 1-bedroom. When we traded in our unit from SolMar for the Fixed Studio we were given a Platinum contract with an acceleration clause. We were right at the beginning and I think they were really trying to entice people with really sweet deals to buy in. They paid our Platinum-level membership in Interval International for 2 years. Now we are trying to use the acceleration for a week in July 2014 and we are really getting the run-around. Has anyone else had this kind of a problem? They are saying they did not give Platinum-level memberships for fixed units.

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Looking to rent week 6 2014

General DiscussionWe own week 51 studio at Grand Solmar and would like to rent (or trade) one or two studios or larger for week 6 2014. Thanks

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