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Week 5 jr suite for rent Solmar

General DiscussionJunior suite sat-sat Feb 1-8 2014 unexpectedly available for rent :(

$600 J483

Please contact:

Teri Tedford
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Interested in Selling

General DiscussionI have a floating week (1-50) at Grand Solmar that I am interested in selling. Since my husband passed away, I don't see myself getting back to Cabo. It is a Jr. suite and the platinum contract expires in 2060. If anyone is interested, contact me at
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For Sale Week 17

General DiscussionIm selling my week 17 at Grand Solmar unit # E-6107 studio. Fees are 420$ per year, all fees are current. Exp. year 2028. asking 2700$
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1 week for rent at Grand Solmar

General DiscussionWe have 1 week for rent at Grand Solmar in 2014. Suite is a 1 bedroom, sleeps 4. Available for all weeks but can only assume that weeks 1 through 15 would be difficult to book on short notice(but we can try). Weeks 51 and 52 are not available. Conact me at:
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Week 8, 2014 For Rent. Unit B111--Luxury Suite (2 bath)

General DiscussionI have week 8 available for rent in 2014. This is in the B building, first floor. Great pool/beach access.

Contact me via private e-mail if interested at
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Status of COnstruction/Noise

General DiscussionWe will be at the Grand Solmar 12/21/13-12/28/13. Is the construction and related noise still an issue? Any suggestions for getting a unit away from the construction? Thanks.
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Renting Week 7 and 8 in 2014

General DiscussionWe have a 1 bedroom 2 bath Week 7 and Week 8 for rent at the Solmar Beach Club. We also have a studio at the Grand Solmar Week 7 in February 2014.
If interested let us know via email at
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Airport pick-up

General DiscussionDoes SolMar still have an airport pick-up service???
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Solmar wants to buy my week

General DiscussionHi, I just received a call from someone claiming to represent Solmar. They offered to let me out of my contract so I wouldn't owe anymore maintenance fees. Then said they would pay me $600.00 clear. What a generous offer. I declined. They also said there would be a lot of construction noise near my unit. Anyone else been getting this offer?
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March 22 2014 (week 12)

General DiscussionLooking week 12 at the Solmar Beach Club or Grand Solmar (Mar 22 to Mar 29 2014) Please e-mail to (

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