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General DiscussionI wrote Dulce who handles sales but haven't heard back.

I have not gotten any answers so far either at my "owners meeting" or by any other means.

Perhaps if all the owners here formed an alliance or owners union we could get somewhere. Maybe we can stand around the lobby with picket signs "Solmar Owners Want Answers" until we get satisfaction in writing.

I just have a feeling we're going to get screwed.And that's pretty much what they told me if I didn't upgrade.

As it stands it seems we have no power unless we pay to upgrade.

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Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, June 06 2009 @ 02:16 PM CEST
Ok, I got some answers to my questions:

I am an owner (week 19 #1306)a ocean view room at the Solmar.

1. Will my unit be there next year?

Yes, our plans to start building phase number 2, is beginning of year 2011. Therefore, your unit is still available for usage for next year 2010.

2. Where will my new unit be in the Grand Solmar and what is the size, view etc.?

I do not know what exact location you will be provided with, because we do not have the floor unit numbers for phase 2 buildings but, you will be upgrading to a Studio unit. I am attaching a floor plan for you to see it.

3. Are the days of use changing?

Grand Solmar check in dates will be Sunday and Sunday depending on the building you select.

4. Will I get a new deed or paperwork?

You will be requested to sign a new contract for the new property and of course a new deed will be provided to you as well.

5. What kind of room will I get at Playa Grande while the Grand Solmar is being built?

You will be provided with a hotel unit while your property is built and after that customer services will be talking to you in regards to where your location and size of unit will be. If you would like to contact them directly simply email them to and they will let you know exactly about it.

Something that I also want to mention in regards to your concerns, when the time comes to assign you a building and unit number, you have 2 options: You may remain in fixed time or you may switch to a new type of ownership which is Platinum Floating membership. Please see attachment for further information about it.

Thank you,

Dulce Calleros
Playa Grande Resort