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You have reached the "Solmar Beach Club Resort" owner's site!

This site is not affilated with the resort in any way. It is a totally independent web site designed to allow owners of the Solmar Beach Club Resort to communicate and trade stories about the fun they have in Cabo San Lucus.

My wife and I LOVE Solmar!! We plan our entire year around going in July (Week 28). Solmar is a great timeshare and is our home away from home.

If you sign up as a member (It is Free), you will see more "Topics". Actually, you will see 52 Weeks of topics - one for each week of the timeshare year. Then, you can post your comments about "Your" week to other owners of that same week!

Anyone can READ messages in the "General Discussion" area, however, due to the amount of SPAM received, you must register in order to create new messages or make comments on other posts. Please keep the discussion related to Solmar and/or Cabo San Lucas!

Thank you!
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Construction Photos

General Discussion

Current photos of the Solmar BEACH CLUB.
Barbara P. took several photos showing the status of the original Solmar Beach Club. If you are an owner in the back area of the Beach Club, these will be very interesting to you.

Link to Beach Club Photos

Click Here (FEB 2012)

Several Links to Construction Photos

Thanks to Bajamama on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to DMWalker on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to smpam here on "" Click Here
Thanks to Walkman on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to DMWalker (again) on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to PamMo on "Trip Advisor" (smpam here) in March 2010 for these photos Click Here
Thanks to Donna Walker for some great photos Early Dec 2010. Click here
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Grand Solmar timeshare for sale

General DiscussionWe are considering selling our timeshare at the grand Solmar. We have a 1 bedroom unit 2 weeks every year and 1 week in a studio every other year - even. Weeks 1-50. Good to 2060. Anyone interested, please email me.
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Grande Solmar

General DiscussionWe are looking to rent our 1 bedroom unit for 2 weeks in 2015. Asking $2500 per week. Available anytime weeks 1-50. You only need to take one week if that's all you need. We are unable to go next year due to other obligations. I will miss it!
If anyone is interested, please email me at
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Advice on renting my unit?

General DiscussionI have a week’s timeshare (1-52) at GS, with the ability to accelerate more weeks to up front). I want to accelerate two weeks and rent them out this year, but have no experience in advertising them on Redweek. Can anyone give me some advice?

Do I list the unit as available weeks 1-52 and then take it off Redweek as soon as I have it rented for two weeks? Also, I notice that Redweek wants confirmation of the rental within 24 hours. Once a renter requests a specific week, I will have to check with GS to see if something is available in my type of unit and get back to them. Is this the usual way to do it?

Should I have a rental contract with the renter?

Has anyone ever had difficulty with GS when renting out a unit?
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Grand Solmar Studio - Floating Week $1,000

General DiscussionI am renting out my studio suite week for 2014. No specific dates/building. I am asking $1,000. Please email me at
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Floor plans

General DiscussionDoes anyone have photos of the floor plans for all buildings of the Grand Solmar? I saw the building "C" somewhere but can't seem to find it now. Does admin Bill know??
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Beach Club Offer

General DiscussionI wanted to post what we were offered as Beach Club owners.

This past summer we were called by Meagan Frisbe from Solmar. She wondered if we were coming down to use our week in November (which we weren't). She was calling to let us know that our penthouse in the J building would be backing up to construction for the next 8 months to a year. She said if we were coming she would move us to Playa Grande and that we could make a contractual upgrade to Playa Grande for the rest of our time.

Additionally she offered us a buyout of $1600 for our remaining 7 years. We usually bank our week due to the timing in November and go someplace different anyways so this did not work for us. I am hearing all kids of different stories about what people have been offered.

I too want to thank Brooks in Portland for posting the recent pictures, it makes our decision to bank and go somewhere else all the more satisfying! I am sad to see that this site is becoming a rental venue for owners at GS and going away from Solmar Owners discussions but I guess that GS is taking over in more ways than one.

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Grand Solmar Lands End - Junior Suite - Floating Week

General DiscussionI am looking to rent out my Junior Suite (sleeps up to 4) for a week in 2014. It is a floating week with no specific dates required. Must be Saturday to Saturday, asking $1800. Please respond if interested at
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Wanted - GS Jr. Suite Week 47

General DiscussionWe are looking to rent a Junior Suite at Grand Sol Mar week 47 in 2014 for a fair price. In a perfect world, the unit would be our usual owned unit #2202. Please contact me ASAP if you have a unit you want to rent. We are current owners (earlier week) so we know how much rates are.
Please send to
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Black Card

General DiscussionHas anyone heard of this and what is it?

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Should any owner (Solmar Beach Club and Playa Grande) be allowed to use the new Grand Solmar facilities?

Not sure.
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Are you happy Solmar is becoming the Grand Solmar?
Don't really care.
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