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You have reached the "Solmar Beach Club Resort" owner's site!

This site is not affilated with the resort in any way. It is a totally independent web site designed to allow owners of the Solmar Beach Club Resort to communicate and trade stories about the fun they have in Cabo San Lucus.

My wife and I LOVE Solmar!! We plan our entire year around going in July (Week 28). Solmar is a great timeshare and is our home away from home.

If you sign up as a member (It is Free), you will see more "Topics". Actually, you will see 52 Weeks of topics - one for each week of the timeshare year. Then, you can post your comments about "Your" week to other owners of that same week!

Anyone can READ messages in the "General Discussion" area, however, due to the amount of SPAM received, you must register in order to create new messages or make comments on other posts. Please keep the discussion related to Solmar and/or Cabo San Lucas!

Thank you!
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Construction Photos

General Discussion

Current photos of the Solmar BEACH CLUB.
Barbara P. took several photos showing the status of the original Solmar Beach Club. If you are an owner in the back area of the Beach Club, these will be very interesting to you.

Link to Beach Club Photos

Click Here (FEB 2012)

Several Links to Construction Photos

Thanks to Bajamama on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to DMWalker on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to smpam here on "" Click Here
Thanks to Walkman on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to DMWalker (again) on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to PamMo on "Trip Advisor" (smpam here) in March 2010 for these photos Click Here
Thanks to Donna Walker for some great photos Early Dec 2010. Click here
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Week 10 2015 Solmar Suite Available

General DiscussionI am not going to be able to make it this year and wanted to know if anyone out there may have need for it. It is a one bedroom facing the pool. It is old school suite, big big bed, two bathrooms, full kitchen. I have also banked a week I am trying to get off my plate. You could either do a two week vacation or bring some friends if there is availability for a similar suite.
Please contact me at
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Maintenance Fees

General DiscussionHas anyone heard what they will be this year??

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Here is an update on Cabo recovery

General Discussion
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Hurricane Odile/Grand Solmar & Sister Hotels

General DiscussionI am an owner and I am concerned about the Solmar Hotels & their Employees. If anyone has any news to share, please post. I understand the Hotels will be closed until October 17th.
Wishing the Solmar Families and Cabo Good Health, Peace of Mind and sending Prayers to the People of Cabo San Lucas.
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Hurricane Damage

General DiscussionMy prayers go out to all the staff and families during this horrible tragedy. I believe power and internet are still out. The Grand Solmar did post something on their Facebook page last night You can also search on Youtube and Google for pictures of the damage
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Day of Heartache for the people of Cabo

General DiscussionI thought this might be a good forum to check to see if anyone has pictures or updates or information on the damage done to Solmar and Grand Solmar. It looks like they were hit very hard. I know damage was done to the pool but do not know if structural damage was done. Did they evacuate all the guests? Any updates that people might have now or in the coming weeks. Praying for all the staff, guests and people of Cabo San Lucas.
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Solmar Buyback??

General DiscussionMy father was contacted by a member services administration representative from Solmar. Her name was Meagan Frisby. She said Solmar was offering to buy back his week for $500. Has anyone heard of anything like this? My father has a Junior Suite At Playa Grande.
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Maintenance Fee Question

General DiscussionI have a question, rather than a story since I'm a new owner at Grand Solmar. I bought an every other year time share so my question is, do I have to pay a maintenance fee every year or just on the odd years, which is when I have my 1 week?

Looking forward to your responses.
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Week 42 for rent 2014

General DiscussionNeed to rent this year's "Bisbee" week -- week 42 Sunday check in.
This is the Mastersuite - 1 bedroom unit with 2 bathrooms. Location location location!
This unit is corner 1st floor beach unit!
$1,200.00 for the week.

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Solmar Building Map!! HURRICANE and Construction Photos  


Should any owner (Solmar Beach Club and Playa Grande) be allowed to use the new Grand Solmar facilities?

Not sure.
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Are you happy Solmar is becoming the Grand Solmar?
Don't really care.
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