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You have reached the "Solmar Beach Club Resort" owner's site!

This site is not affilated with the resort in any way. It is a totally independent web site designed to allow owners of the Solmar Beach Club Resort to communicate and trade stories about the fun they have in Cabo San Lucus.

My wife and I LOVE Solmar!! We plan our entire year around going in July (Week 28). Solmar is a great timeshare and is our home away from home.

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Construction Photos

General Discussion

Current photos of the Solmar BEACH CLUB.
Barbara P. took several photos showing the status of the original Solmar Beach Club. If you are an owner in the back area of the Beach Club, these will be very interesting to you.

Link to Beach Club Photos

Click Here (FEB 2012)

Several Links to Construction Photos

Thanks to Bajamama on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to DMWalker on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to smpam here on "" Click Here
Thanks to Walkman on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to DMWalker (again) on "Trip Advisor" Click Here
Thanks to PamMo on "Trip Advisor" (smpam here) in March 2010 for these photos Click Here
Thanks to Donna Walker for some great photos Early Dec 2010. Click here
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2015 Week 8 For Rent--SolMar

General DiscussionI have a great "old" Sol Mar unit for rent for week 8, 2015. This is a Luxury Suite (Living Room, Bed Room, Kitchen, 2 baths) in the B building on the first floor. A few short steps to the pool. Just looking to cover my maintenance fee, so asking $650.

If interested contact me at
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Oct 11-18

General DiscussionLooking for a Jr Suite or Master Suite to rent from Oct 11-18th email
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All inclusive for Beach Club owners

General DiscussionNow that the Beach Club is being advertised as all inclusive does anyone know if the owners are being allowed to get the all inclusive benefits as well? Trying to decide the benefits of staying in the Beach Club since we liked the old Solmar.
Thanks for any insights you can share.
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Master Suite Rental available 10/19-10-26

General DiscussionI have a Master Suite 1bd./2ba. available for $1800 rental Oct.19 - 26. if you have friends interested in not only GS but also Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament taking place October 21-25, please share my phone: 781-674-2926. Thanks so much,
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2 bedroom villa

General DiscussionI'm looking for a two bedroom unit to rent for week:
Nov. 8-15 or Nov 15 - 22, 2014 at grand solmar or playa grande. I can be reached at
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construction status

General DiscussionCan somebody share an update?
It the construction at the Grand Solmar completed?
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Week 29 at old Solmar up for rent

General DiscussionStill looking to rent our unit for July 19-26. Anyone interested - shoot me an email:
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Need a room at SBC for week 40

General DiscussionHi,
I'm looking for a room to rent for my family members that are coming down with us on week 40. We prefer SBC but would consider the Playa Grande. If you can't make it this year and you want to rent it out please reply here.
Thank you!
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Room Size Confusion

General DiscussionMy parents own a Master Suite at the Grand Solmar. My husband and I are interested in buying a unit as well now but we want a unit that can sleep 6 persons (we have 4 kids). When we were there in February we were told that there is no such thing as a Master Suite that sleeps 6 and that if we want a unit that sleeps 2 adults and 4 children we need a lockout or a 2 bedroom. However, I am watching various sites for sales of Grand Solmar Timeshares and I have seen several listings that say "Master Suite" in the title and then some of the listings say "sleeps 4" and others say "sleeps 6". Can anyone tell me if they know whether any units that are considered "Master Suites" have a sleeper sofa instead of the regular sofa? That's the only way I can think that a Master Suite might sleep 6. Otherwise, I am not sure how the listings can claim that they are selling a Master Suite that sleeps 6. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Should any owner (Solmar Beach Club and Playa Grande) be allowed to use the new Grand Solmar facilities?

Not sure.
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Are you happy Solmar is becoming the Grand Solmar?
Don't really care.
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